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How It's Made!

Benefits of using Eco Friendly Firelighters

  • Environmentally Friendly
    – zero carbon footprint
  • No air pollution or petroleum product vapor
    – from product in dormant or function usage scenarios
  • Double “burning time”
  • No “residue” or “remains”
    left by product other that what would naturally be found (Ash only)
  • No residual chemicals when handling
    – No petroleum hands
  • Non-toxic Child Friendly and Pet Friendly
  • Natural bug repellent
    – Coffee beans has a natural bug repellent quality to it which makes the FireFly Biofuel great for camping as well)
  • No chemicals to dry out
    – The dryer the better
  • 75% recycled products
    – The rest is made from sustainable sources

Disadvantages of Using Petroleum Based Firelighters

  • If the fire has not been burned for a long enough time then possible transfer of toxins to food
  • Handling can transfer toxins to hands (leaves nasty smell on fingers which requires hands to be properly cleaned to avoid transfer to food and or your loved ones)
  • Although Petroleum products will give the instant gratification of the instant flare up most products will burn out too quickly to effectively light the wood.
  • If the bag/container is not properly sealed after opening then evaporation renders the product ineffective
  • Most times it will require several blocks of the product to ignite the fire
  • Most petroleum based products produce vast amounts of “black smoke” which is poisonous
  • The petroleum products currently available to the public has unfortunately become an everyday household name and product. Education is necessary to change this outlook.