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South Africa's First Biodegradable, Coffee Based Firelighter
  • Made from recycled coffee, biodegradable vegetable wax, recycled wood and sugar.
  • Easy to use. Burns for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Environmentally friendly. 100% biodegradable.
  • Non-toxic, child-friendly & pet-friendly
  • No residual chemicals or smells
  • Great for your home fireplace or braai
  • No paraffin or hydrocarbon wax – nothing to evaporate out of product when left standing, therefore, there is no shelf life.
  • MSDS sheets are available to prove that the FireSpark Jnr is the only firelighter that you can fly in an airplane. In addition, it will allow any food distributor to carry the product along with additional cargo the same container/truck.

Sustainable Firelighting

Our greatest leap forward in this was the replacement of the petroleum ingredients for a natural equivalent. The FireFly Biofuel fire starter is made in a donut size / shape design to enhance the “life span” of your fire starter. Conventional products claim an average of 6 to 11 minutes of burning time whereas FireFly Biofuel has an average burning of around 15 minutes high flame and then turning to a solid hot coal.

Where to buy your FIRESPARK JNR