EcoFire Combo

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  • No trees were harmed in the making of these logs.
  • 100% Vegan Fire Logs
  • Should you be ordering more than 5 of these, please contact us directly as courier fees are weight-sensitive.

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    • 5kg Eco logs including x4 FireSpark Jnr firelighters Combo Box


      Eco Fire & Braai burns cleaner, emitting 30% fewer greenhouse gases, 80% less carbon dioxide, and 86% less creosote.

      The logs can be used in:
      – open fireplaces
      – closed system combustion ovens
      – kettle braais (Webers) and pizza ovens.

      Eco-Fire & Braai is 100% natural, burns like wood, provide long-lasting heat and HOT coals. Contains no chemicals or binding agents and will not dirty your hands.


                     Environmentally Friendly (zero carbon footprint)

                     No air pollution or petroleum product vapour
                     from the product in dormant or function usage scenarios

                     Double “burning time”